Opportunities During Lockdown-Branding Perspective

Jalgaon 15th April’20 The world is reeling under the COVID 2019 pandemic just like India. Timely measures taken by our Central & State Government, Hon. Prime Minister and Hon. Chief Ministers have kept this adverse situation in control as compared to other developed countries. We have congratulated and expressed our gratitude towards the frontline workforce […]

6 lesser known facts about the great Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj

The name Shivaji brings back a rushing memory of a gallant brave Indian king for whom ‘Swaraj’ was dearer than anything else in the world. Today, being February 19 we celebrate Shivaji Jayanti in the state of Maharashtra and the world over  to commemorate the birth of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj — the great warrior, brilliant administrator and founder […]

Self-Confidence is the Road to Progress

18 years ago, on November 5, 2001, with the burning desire of breaking grounds in in the field of media, in a small 12*15 room with a table, four chairs and ten of his colleagues, Multi Media Features Pvt Ltd (MMFPL) was established. Since its inception it has followed the Business Associate principle rather than […]

One Year of GST- Happiness Together !

With some of the breath-taking events happened around the world in the year 2017-18, a major event happened in India too. The Goods and Service Tax was implemented through out the country in a one go. This was one of the major event in the history of the nation where an idea of one nation […]

About Willingness to Practice Goodness

Lend me a penny, I’ll return back two, Shower compassion, I’ll always stand by you! Money is a hostile guest, not for long does it stay, Befriend goodwill, it assures to go a long way! Pause and ponder. You sure have a minute to keep aside your calculations and count of what life has bestowed […]

Bridging the ‘M’ Gap

It was 11 pm. Sunday night and greasy Chinese was the unanimously chosen supper and we, friend zoned colleagues, gathered at our spot and ordered the regulars. Social clowns, societal norms, mockery, unrealistic idealism, pro-‘missing’ policies of the government and phalana dikhana were as always our starters for the night.  Though, “May 1 and Maharashtra […]

Top 6 Digital Marketing Trends of 2018

As we turn the leaf into 2018 there is an anticipatory shift in digital marketing. Technology advancements have enhanced customer experience and today the brand that manages higher visibility, better integration across all channels and simplified communication is the clear winner of the game. As a marketer you need to be proactive and stay abreast […]

Children's Day

Make their Future Safe

International Children’s Day is celebrated on June 1st and Universal Children’s Day on November 20th across the world. Every nation has their own day dedicated to children. In India, Children’s Day is celebrated on November 14 as the birth anniversary of its first Prime Minister. The day is observed as Jawaharlal Nehru’s longing towards the […]

Top 10 Tips for Top Quality Content Writing

Top 10 Tips for Top Quality Content Writing Every company needs to focus on high-quality content writing to achieve marketing success. While a good design adds aesthetic value to the website it is the effective content that holds attention, entertains, and most importantly achieves the desired business goal. It fosters increased traffic across the various […]