जळगावच्या पाण्याचं वैशिष्ट्य वेगळंच

जळगाव जिल्ह्याला तसेच जळगावच्या व्यापार-उद्योग-व्यवसाय संदर्भात फार जुना इतिहास आहे. येथील व्यवहारिक आणी नीतिमूल्ये याची वैशिष्ट्ये सातासमुद्रापलिकडे सुद्धा नोंदविल्या गेली आहेत. अशाच पाण्याचे वैशिष्ट्य म्हणजे “कल्पनिती” प्रदर्शन होय. सौ.कल्पना शाह व सौ.नीता जैन यांनी मिळून 2012 साली “कल्पनिती” या प्रदर्शनीला सुरुवात केली. महिलांनी महिलांसाठी चालवलेली ही व्यावसायिक चळवळ.. यामध्ये सुमारे 24हून अधिक प्रदर्शनी आतापर्यंत आयोजित […]

Self-Confidence is the Road to Progress

18 years ago, on November 5, 2001, with the burning desire of breaking grounds in in the field of media, in a small 12*15 room with a table, four chairs and ten of his colleagues, Multi Media Features Pvt Ltd (MMFPL) was established. Since its inception it has followed the Business Associate principle rather than […]

Keeping him

So yesterday, while the entire nation was mourning his loss and paying him tributes during his last rites, I was wondering what do I write about this persona who touched the lives of many, in many unsaid ways and stood out to be one of the humblest and most visionary Prime Ministers of developing India. […]

One Year of GST- Happiness Together !

With some of the breath-taking events happened around the world in the year 2017-18, a major event happened in India too. The Goods and Service Tax was implemented through out the country in a one go. This was one of the major event in the history of the nation where an idea of one nation […]

Bridging the

It was 11 pm. Sunday night and greasy Chinese was the unanimously chosen supper and we, friend zoned colleagues, gathered at our spot and ordered the regulars. Social clowns, societal norms, mockery, unrealistic idealism, pro-‘missing’ policies of the government and phalana dikhana were as always our starters for the night.

Top 6 Digital Marketing Trends of 2018

As we turn the leaf into 2018 there is an anticipatory shift in digital marketing. Technology advancements have enhanced customer experience and today the brand that manages higher visibility, better integration across all channels and simplified communication is the clear winner of the game. As a marketer you need to be proactive and stay abreast […]