Children's Day

Make their Future Safe

International Children’s Day is celebrated on June 1st and Universal Children’s Day on November 20th across the world. Every nation has their own day dedicated to children. In India, Children’s Day is celebrated on November 14 as the birth anniversary of its first Prime Minister. The day is observed as Jawaharlal Nehru’s longing towards the development of the children across the world.The day not only commemorates the importance of children in society or children’s day is just not a birth anniversary of Jawaharlal Nehru’s but it is celebrated to create a strong and energetic youth, which lead the future of India and take them to the new heights of success. Spreading messages of warmth amongst little ones is one reason behind this. Many activities are practiced on the occasion of Children’s Day to make them happy.

But the other side of some children’s life is merely black. The violence against children takes place in many forms, such as exploitation and abuse, trafficking, physical and humiliating punishment. Children are becoming victims of physical, sexual, verbal and emotional abuse and neglect. Children in every country, every culture and at every social level are facing various forms of abuse, exploitation, violence, corporal punishment and sexual abuse. In Child abuse, especially sexual abuse is a universal and alarming problem harmful traditional practices including early marriage and genital mutilation/cutting are curse for mankind and the tragedy is it remains legal and socially approved in many countries. The abuse takes place at home, in school, in institutions, at work, in the community badly saying in the family. Worryingly, statistics reveal that there are more missing girls than boys. The safety of girls in India is still in a undecided state. According to a recent survey by the Home Ministry, the number of girls missing in some states of India is double that of boys. These girls are often forced into prostitution & begging rackets, child abuse and exploitation. One of the greatest responsibilities concerning the world today is to make the world safe for children by protecting them against harms like abuse and to educate them to become promoters of peace and prosperity. Man has created enchanting development in every aspect but is still unable to overcome the threats like malnutrition. Many more children are under risk of losing their childhood and their futures drawn to child labour, prostitution and begging. The violence and abuse seriously affects a child’s development, dignity, and physical and psychological integrity

The apathy shown towards this serious issue is reflected in the increasing numbers of abductions, kidnappings and child trafficking in the country. Many of the cities do not even have a missing person’s bureau and designated special teams working to recover missing children. The time is yelling to raise awareness and educate families and communities to create early environments that protect children from violence. A public education campaign to spread the strong messages against child violence in communities is necessary. Governments and civil society organizations and NGO’S have to play a more active role in the promotion to spread awareness about the issue among children, guardians, schools and to work strengthen the system for ensuring a safest world for unsafe children. Everybody should provide need based support to the Police or the organizations working with issue.  But this not enough, awareness among the children, parents and the whole society should be raised. There should be increased attention, awareness and efficient protection practices and prevention measures are necessary at family, local, national and international level. With this help and arisen support, we can help and ensure that children across India and world are getting their right of protection. It will also help recover missing children and to check more such cases in the future.  It will ensure a secure and happy environment of thousands of deprived children across the world. Let’s join hands to prevent all these child abuse and exploitation. Considering that the child should be fully prepared to live an individual life in society. As the spirit of peace, dignity, freedom, equality and solidarity of mankind. Then, that will be the true children’s day celebration.

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