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Top 10 Tips for Top Quality Content Writing

Top 10 Tips for Top Quality Content Writing

Every company needs to focus on high-quality content writing to achieve marketing success. While a good design adds aesthetic value to the website it is the effective content that holds attention, entertains, and most importantly achieves the desired business goal. It fosters increased traffic across the various social media platforms, improves search engine results, gets mailing list signups and also closes sale.

Multi Media Features Pvt Ltd gives top 10 tips to create interesting and engaging content for your company

a) Grab Eye Balls with Your Headline – It’s your headline that decides if the article will be read or not. Just like the window display of a mall the headline must be eye catching, have ability to rouse interest and stir an emotion to read on.

b) Be You – Just as the design, colour and fonts of your website are consistent the content also needs to have a constant style and tone. You can achieve this by discovering your unique voice and sticking to it for all written communication. This will build your distinct brand personality which will be all who you are.

c) Write Keeping Your Audience in Mind Identify and profile who subscribes to your newsletter, visits your website, comments on your blog posts, or shops for your products. You have to write content for this target audience only. Choose a style they best understand, stroke a sentiment that they strongly feel about and you have a winner on your hand.

d) Explore and Research – Before writing you must explore the various facets of the topic and do an in-depth research on them. This will ensure your article is interesting, knowledgeable and credible.

e) Write with a Purpose Each article that you write should be written with a single purpose. This should be decided before you start writing. Imagine making a phone call to someone without knowing why you called! Just like that writing without knowing what you want to achieve is futile. You must state your goals clearly in advance and create content accordingly.

f) Digitally Optimised Content – The key to the most effective content is making it digitally optimised. Keep it simple with short sentences and concise paragraphs with bullet points. Keywords should be plugged in smartly for higher SEO ratings.

g) Keep it Simple – Use simple and easy language. Keep your jargons and flowery language at bay! The idea is to resonate with your audience not intimidate or confuse them.

h) Support Your Stand – You should support your claims with testimonials and back up your stand with solid proof. Look for success stories and real case studies or comments, photos and messages on social media that appreciate your product or service.

i) Don’t Over-Sell – Don’t get too pushy with your content writing. Focus on how the audience will benefit rather than unabashed promotion of your product features. Let your articles be about educating and explaining how things work and not out and out sales.

j) Review, Curate and Edit – After making your first draft, run and re-run on your work to polish the rough edges of your writing. Become a curator and edit continuously. Focus on crisp and effective communication. It’s always better to take an opinion before closing the content even if you are a highly experienced content writer.

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