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Digital Marketing- Need of The Hour for Small Businesses

It is impossible to define the role of marketing in business. As a small business owner you are well aware that your success rides on how well and meaningfully you engage with your customers. With the vast development in digital technology the reach of potential and existing customers is far and wide and the interaction is seen over a plethora of digital channels across the board. A small business looking to sustain and develop in this era has no choice but to embrace digital marketing with both hands. Reason for this digital revolution is easy and affordable availability of internet. In past few months internet users have increased substantially and this growth is mostly seen in Tier II and Tier III cities. Therefore businesses also have to follow the platforms where their target audience spend majority of the time.

An effective digital marketing strategy equips small businesses to stand tall against the competing big fish, create better engagement with customers, increased click rates and better revenue collection, all this and more at a a huge bargain. While the traditional businesses are still operational there is a sea of change in the mind set of young India. In a closed group survey it was revealed that 62% of small businesses in India believe that websites make their business look more trustworthy and are considered a pre-requisite for success whereas 47% use social media as a part of their company’s marketing mix.

Small businesses integrate the use of social media marketing, blogs and content marketing, video marketing, search engine optimization and email marketing to up their act in the digital space. While there is no doubt that business enterprises benefit greatly from going digital, there are some who have turned the tide for themselves and their industry by adopting simple techniques of online marketing. A case in point is Flavours of my City, a traditional food e-tailer that started out with just a Facebook Page and then took to advanced Facebook marketing solutions. Soon, it recorded a 900% increase in number of orders and today exploits all mediums of social marketing to build a formidable brand. Bengaluru based-Ola sped to success using Google Ad words! They listed a variation of over 300,000 keywords across all search mediums in a short period of time with the focus to connect with high intent users while they were searching for a taxi-hiring app or considering travel options.

The cases are far too many. Companies that adopted digital marketing have broken the barriers of being SMBs (Small and Medium Businesses) and have gone all the way! In a nutshell, here is no escape to going digital for your business. If you don’t have a digital strategy yet, you should start now! It is also advisable to brush your digital marketing skills for unprecedented success. While results may take sometime to show, create your goals and take that digital leap! There is no other way ahead!

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