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Facebook: An Effective Medium to Reach Local Audience

Move over paper advertisements, SMSes and newspaper inserts! With digital marketing taking storm local businesses choose Facebook to connect with local target audience. Each business needs to stay in touch with its local audience. The reasons can be varying; to promote a new store, a new product line or spread the word about festive promotions to increase footfalls. For all this and more you can count on local awareness ads by Facebook that can quickly and effortlessly hit upon new customers by showing ads to groups of people who are near that business’s neighborhood.

In fact, the search can be as focused as the business desires. You could specify location of the customers you wish to connect with by giving the country, state/province, city and post code and Facebook creates a platform to reach out to audience in just that location. Besides, creating the ad is as simple as 1-2-3 where you head to the Ads Create tool and select ‘Local Awareness’. You can decide the extent of reach kilometer wise, the demographics of the target audience and initiate substantial response by adding a call-to-action button for the ad, ‘Get Directions’, (to help people find the store) or ‘Like Page’. Businesses big and small are successfully using Facebook to establish meaningful and profitable relationships with their local audience. The success story of the shoe manufacturer UGG Australia is worth mentioning where using the Facebook Local Awareness tool it was able to triple its sales revenue. Facebook tools also aid in business branding. The higher the number of prospective customers reached in your direct environment will lead to higher chances of these people to visit your store, buy your products and be your advocates!

Further, conventional tools to create local awareness become a rather expensive affair where the response is difficult to measure and often not accurate. Facebook gives an excellent platform for you to decide when and who you want to reach out to locally at a budget that suits you! With readily available statistics you are in a position to make quick and informed decisions for your business. So, if you’re looking to get busy in a beautiful engagement with your local audience, Trust Facebook!

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