About Willingness to Practice Goodness

Lend me a penny, I’ll return back two,
Shower compassion, I’ll always stand by you!
Money is a hostile guest, not for long does it stay,
Befriend goodwill, it assures to go a long way!

Pause and ponder. You sure have a minute to keep aside your calculations and count of what life has bestowed you with. Instead, choose to consider what you have offered life at large, people and all the associations you have built so far!

Was there enough kindness, cooperation, mutual understanding extended from your end towards all the people you have had ties with? Do you possess the ability to win people with the actions you perform? Have you been able to make a distinct contribution to someone’s life, society and organisation to the extent that it has compelled people around you to remember your goodness and take a leap of faith in all the deals you make with them? Do people look up to you in admiration and respect for all the good you have done so far?
Believe it or not, it all begins and ceases here. At goodness.
What matters in the end is not how good the ‘will’ reads, but how legible your GOODWILL is!
We are struggling to gasp a breath in the constant rat race because there’s a ‘will’ to achieve all the ‘good’ things in life.
But how do we accomplish it all without ‘Goodwill’?
Here is a gentle reminder. The ‘International Goodwill Day!’

Goodwill and its many facets

Many out there find it hard to understand the precise meaning of the word ‘goodwill’. It isn’t much of a rocket science. It is the basics of life. It is about being helpful, friendly, cooperative, considerate and kind. Goodwill thrives on the virtue of mutual understanding, benevolence and charity: Be it in the form of love, assistance or guidance.

Every individual has his own asset of goodwill. A little boy helps an 80-year-old grandpa to cross the road, thrice. Next time he is playing cricket with his friends and the windowpane breaks, he is forgiven with a smile that is largely driven by gratitude. The boy earned forgiveness not because he is naïve and young but because he is innocent and has a kind heart that has learnt how precious the virtue of goodwill is.

What applies to a single person, extends to a community, a company, a service and even to a multi-level organisation. At organisational level, it accounts to deeds and things that are a part of company’s values but probably cannot be quantitatively measured. Say, customer loyalty or great social initiatives! The goodwill math here is simple:
Excellent services+ gestures of kindness + cooperation= goodwill that yields established reputation and eventually becomes the asset of the company.
“Our association is based on goodwill and faith” is what successful partnerships then voice.

Why do we celebrate Goodwill Day?

Celebrations are nothing by reminders that let you acknowledge something that you otherwise don’t notice quite often. We observe Goodwill Day every year on May 21 to help us understand its importance and give us a chance to thank those around us whom we have developed good relationships with on the basis of goodwill. It also brings to light all those unsung heroes who with their acts of kindness and goodwill, have changed the lives of many in a positive manner. Celebrating this day also acquaints people with the fact that goodwill is indeed diminishing day by day and encourages them to preserve and nurture it.

Significance of goodwill

Goodwill fuels satisfaction. A man who fails to develop goodwill, often ends up with very few people around to support in times of need. As far as an organisation is concerned, goodwill plays a crucial role in helping it gain loyal followers and clients. Goodwill is a key to trust and customer compliance and again, it doesn’t take much to perform one act of kindness and win hundreds of hearts! Does it?

How to encourage goodwill in yourself and others?

On a personal basis, encourage goodwill by following these little things that definitely make a big difference in the long run:
Appreciate people and actions. Kind words are cherished forever.
Perform at least one deed of compassion every day. You’ll end up building so many precious and trustworthy relationships.
Do not shy away from helping others. A friend is need is always remembered.
Thank others for what they have done for you. Gratitude is a sign that you value people.
Be selfless. Feelings cannot be negotiable.

If you are a team leader, or a boss or just an employee, make sure you do these gestures to develop and encourage goodwill:
Set an example. Let goodness be contagious.
Come up with ideas and social activities that will enhance team spirit and generate goodness.
Incorporate goodwill and generosity into your cultural strategy, mission statement and branding.
Set goodwill outside the four walls of the company. Interact with the employees outside workspace, be friendly, help and guide them to show you care.
Be appreciative towards your clients and keep in touch with them through small acts of appreciation and kindness.
Remember, Just like Bournville, you need to earn Goodwill!

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