Bridging the

It was 11 pm. Sunday night and greasy Chinese was the unanimously chosen supper and we, friend zoned colleagues, gathered at our spot and ordered the regulars. Social clowns, societal norms, mockery, unrealistic idealism, pro-‘missing’ policies of the government and phalana dikhana were as always our starters for the night.

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  1. Excellently quoted..!!
    “Vruddha hoiparyanta, Samruddha (highway) hou ki nai”?
    Forces you to think on it..!

    Happy Maharashtra day,
    Lets work together to make it “Mahan-Rashtra” in true sence..!

  2. Very rightly said
    Maharastra can bevcome Mahan Rastra only when
    No farmers suicide
    No rapes & no murders
    No. Riot on account of caste religion etc
    No unemployment
    No corruption in any system
    No hatred by political parties
    This can be achieved only if true Maharastian vows on & strive to achieve these

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