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Opportunities During Lockdown-Branding Perspective


15th April’20

The world is reeling under the COVID 2019 pandemic just like India. Timely measures taken by our Central & State Government, Hon. Prime Minister and Hon. Chief Ministers have kept this adverse situation in control as compared to other developed countries. We have congratulated and expressed our gratitude towards the frontline workforce such as doctors, paramedical staff, Police, government officials and social workers. They are working tirelessly and with courage to keep our nation strong to fight against CORONA.

There is another workforce, which is working in parallels; from their office or home to keep India ready to fight against CORONA. These people are manufacturers of essential commodities and medical supplies, manufacturers of food products & food processing units, pharmaceutical companies, farmers, dairy farms, agro based product manufacturers, transportation & logistics companies, distributors/CNF/dealers of Essential FMCG products, grocery stores & supermarkets and medical stores. While being operational and at our service these people are subjecting themselves and their families under great threat of life. While retailers, grocery stores and medical stores are frontline people who directly come in contact with end users, the manufacturers, who never enjoy the limelight, remain the backbone of this system. We believe that this is one opportunity for such companies and brands to create awareness about their work and dedication towards the society. By creating a positive & strong brand image they will contribute to strengthening their goodwill in the coming years. This is where the role of advertising and PR agency comes in the picture.

We, Multi Media Features Pvt Ltd, is leading Advertising, Digital Marketing and PR agency in Maharashtra based in Jalgaon and having branch offices in Aurangabad and Dhule. We are team of professionals who provide Advertising, Media Buying & Media Planning, Event Management, Digital marketing and PR Services to our 240+ retails and corporate clients across India. We assure the best negotiation and competitive pricing when it comes to Media Buying be it in Print, Radio or Digital. During this lockdown period, with all the necessary precautions we worked as a team to serve our clients for all their last moment requirements for designing of creative & signage, digital media branding and also social brand building advertisements.

How Brand Building is Effective during Lockdown?

  • According to research, readers spend more time reading newspapers during the lockdown period.
  • To create and nurture new advertisers, primarily manufacturers who are working 24*7 in the lockdown but remain anonymous.
  • Conceptual working creates new avenues for client as well as agency
  • Strategically negotiation and media buying helps to get extra mileage at desired budget
  • Social awareness advertisement gives more mileage and strong brand image to the client
  • Client could focus precisely on all the leads and enquires
  • New association and opportunities can be open
  • Strong Brand Image in the minds of society i.e. end user will help in long term

(Attached herewith is the pdf of the advertisements we published during this lockdown period 22nd March’20 to 14th April’20)

With brand building and promotions we are also involved in many on-ground activities and social activities. Many corporate companies have their CSR funds unutilized. We, with our strong network & on-field workforce can help them to utilize their CSR funds in rural parts of India and directly deliver benefits to the truly needy people. Our transparent and prompt reporting will give satisfaction and brand image to our client for utilizing their funds at right place for right people and at right time.

Every Indian is doing his or her best for the nation. Everyone’s contribution is important. We are here to associate with you for all your branding and promotional requirements. Do share us your feedback and suggestions.


Stay Safe.

Parietosh S Nawal
Multi Media Features Pvt Ltd 


Advt During Lockdown Period-Multi Media FPL

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  1. Educating people and motivating them in such uncertain conditions is prime work which Multi Media team is doing. Really grateful to you for this gesture. Expecting such inspiring articles which make people well aware about how to create opportunities in adverse conditions.

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