Self-Confidence is the Road to Progress

18 years ago, on November 5, 2001, with the burning desire of breaking grounds in in the field of media, in a small 12*15 room with a table, four chairs and ten of his colleagues, Multi Media Features Pvt Ltd (MMFPL) was established. Since its inception it has followed the Business Associate principle rather than just an agency and offers prompt services to its esteemed customers through print, electronic, outdoor media and events. Keeping pace with the times, in the year 2017 MMFPL added a new dimension to its services by setting foot in the digital media sector. Today, Parietosh Sushil Nawal, brings creativity and innovation in digital marketing and advertising services by offering highly specialized and customized services to hundreds of happy clients.

In the eventful journey spanning 18 years MMFPL has dedicated itself to top notch service. Today, as it enters the 19th year, we want to acknowledge the role of all our stakeholders including colleagues and their families, diverse media groups, business associates, financial institutions, honorable clients who have been a constant source of support over the years. Work is the capital of expansion. Our greatest achievement is the trust and goodwill that we have earned over the years. Truly, it is the wind beneath our wings.

Just as it is difficult to restore the destroyed resources after a sudden earthquake, quite similarly from the year 2016, a small earthquake like situation has been created in the business sector. Due to the strong steps of governance the situation worsened the year 2017-18. Economic conditions have further deteriorated. These years were similar to the tremors of an earthquake. However, in spite of shaky circumstances, we value the support that we have received from our family, co-workers, banks and customers.

The tremors of earthquakes have taught us a lot about doing business. Keeping confidence and trust in each other even in difficult circumstances of people identification, time bound work planning, feasibility and most importantly, the ability to overcome economic and business challenges with collective efforts. With bustling energy and high confidence we are here to stay and paint a bright future for all our stakeholders. We are raring to go and ready to overcome any business challenge and growth hurdle. Our focus remains on the best interest of our customers by making overall growth plans, giving the best return of their investment and providing prompt services round the clock. With business enhancement our clients’ belief and confidence in us has doubled our self-esteem. Our motto of this year is to establish foundation of a successful comeback, giving priority to ‘Know Yourself’ (understanding our strengths and limitations) and strong will to provide innovative solutions for the benefit of our customers.

We hold deep gratitude and offer a heartfelt thank you for bestowing unconditional love and support on the Multi-Media family. We will always have your best interest at heart!

Sushil Shamsundar Nawal & Team Multi Media Features Pvt Ltd 

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